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My ToxSick Protocol

I’m Leandra. And as you saw on Facebook, mold hit me hard and fast (Neurotoxic Illness).

It socked me in the face (but mostly my brain). If you want a list of my symptoms, here’s some. But know one thing. Everyone has many of these symptoms, most people have 2-3 other symptoms that are super weird and different from mine. Doesn’t matter. We all still have neurotoxic illness and I’m going to do my best help. I will start off with EIGHTEEN tips I have followed by my daily routine of every single supplement I take, how much I take, when I take it, etc.

NOTE: I am not a doctor. These are simply items that made ME better. I hope they can make YOU better too.

Symptoms: extreme cranial pressure, disorientation, very blurred vision, insomnia, difficulty focusing, slurring my words, forgetting words, slower speech, struggling to read out loud, herxheimer reactions, brain fog, hair loss, burning skin on my scalp (couldnt touch my own head or shower), cold hands and feet, blue finger and toenails, numbness/tingling/heavy feeling in my arms and legs, anxiety, severe depression, chest pain, air hunger, loss of appetite, sweet cravings, dark circles under eyes, low libido, excessive daily crying at any moment, dizziness, ringing in the ears, facial numbness (stroke like on both sides), eye twitching, fight or flight, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, green stool, joint pain, severe mood swings, neurological issues (many of them), vivid nightmares, tremors, seizure like movements for hours, vertigo, and how about just living through Hell? Yup. Sound familiar? Great. I’m here to HELP YOU. But first, YOU have to want to help yourself. No ifs, ands, or buts. You have to want this more than anything. Be positive. Don’t say “I can’t.” Because YOU CAN!! The second you say you can’t is when you won’t heal.

Let’s get started. I need for you to be ALL IN. ALL IN. ALL IN!!! If you are not ALL IN, don’t waste your time. It is expensive to heal. It is frustrating. It is time consuming. It is stressful for you and your family. It is a lot of work. But do you want to better quicker and more naturally? Or do you want to drag it out, suffer, and spend more money in the long haul? That’s up to you. For me, I wanted out of this pain and suffering ASAP. And I went for it. I’ve always wanted to help people but I never knew how. I’m pretty sure I sent that message out to the universe and this was a way for me to suffer, learn, and help others. I sure asked for it. But now, I am fricken ready to do my best to help YOU.

ONE: Get yourself out of mold. I know this is much harder than it sounds. But it is absolutely a must. Whether you remediate your home (with a mold professional only), move in with a friend or family member, live in a tent, build a new home, or move to another apartment, it doesn’t matter. Please get out of the mold. Find a way! I moved states to get out of mold to go back to my mom’s house. I luckily had that ability and even that wasn’t easy so I can’t imagine how hard it is for you (especially if you have a family). Make sure you don’t live next to a highway or very busy roads. The toxic overload from fumes from vehicles are making your mold symptoms worse. When you move to a new place do an ERMI test. Call Mycometrics (732) 355-9018. And ask them how to use your own supplies for the test to save you $50. The ERMI is $240. If you haven’t heard about it, it is a dust test and tests for all 36 molds both toxic and nontoxic. If your score is high, move again. New buildings, do not necessarily mean no mold. Test the dust in the new building. You do this test yourself. You don’t need to hire anyone. You do it, and mail it back. It’s a piece of cake, make it happen before moving. I recommend if you are highly sensitive to mold, that you redo this test every 6 months to be safe. Not necessary but I know one thing for certain: I will NEVER let my body hit toxic overload ever again.

Toxins information in relation to Neurotoxic Illness

Photo credit: https://www.alexfergus.com/blog/how-a-toxins-are-making-you-gain-fat-toxic-diet

TWO: You have neurotoxic illness and that’s okay. It is most likely not just from mold. You may have Lyme. You may have an autoimmune disease or multiple autoimmune diseases. But one thing I know that you do have, is TOXIC OVERLOAD and it isn’t just from mold! It’s from EMF exposure, the food you eat, the air around you, where you live, how toxic your liver is, your immune system crashing. I will go over how to rid yourself of these extra toxins, because these are making your mold symptoms worse.

Negativity is not needed in your journey

Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/0s-UZNpjqp/

THREE: Block out all negativity. If people are posting negative things on your Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platforms, block their posts. Stop reading these. If you watch the news and it’s all negative, stop watching the news. If you watch a movie or a show that makes you feel down or sad, stop watching them. You need as much positivity you can get. I personally listened to meditations on YouTube before going to bed every night and waking up every morning. Personally, I loved Michael Sealey on YouTube. I also have the application on my phone called Simple Habit, and I will play a short 5-10 minute meditation when I start feeling overwhelmed. Another tip, change your language. What does that mean? Instead of saying “I feel like I’m dying” (which is very easy to say), say something like “I will get past this. I can do this.” This is easier said than done, but you have to help yourself with positivity. When people told me this in the beginning I said, “screw off, you don’t know how I’m feeling.” But, when I changed my mindset, changed my thoughts, changed my language, my health changed for the better. Cool? Cool!

FOUR: One thing that has really helped me is using an infrared sauna 4-5 days per week to help detox. Saunas will support your detoxification process! You must be using a FAR infrared ONLY. Far infrared penetrates differently for detoxing than MID infrared or NEAR infrared. Find a sauna or spa that either has a Sunlighten infrared sauna or Clearlight infrared sauna. Steam sauna’s won’t work. Other brands will have too much EMF exposure (toxins from electro magnetic field frequencies). You obviously don’t want to detox from mold, but then add in toxins from EMF. Most spas won’t have ClearLight, but most have Sunlighten. ClearLight is the one I bought for my home. It is hands down the best one on the market, but expensive. Before buying a ClearLight, I used Sunlighten at a spa near me. I paid $140 for unlimited uses for a month. TIPS for when you use a sauna: Start SLOW. By slow I mean 115 degree heat for 15 minutes and then get out. This will seem like nothing, I promise it’s something. I worked my way up to 130 degrees for 20 mins. I don’t do any longer than that. Before getting into the sauna, drink at least 20 oz of alkaline water with lemon and half a teaspoon of salt. This will give your body electrolytes. I recommend drinking this before AND after the sauna or else you won’t feel very great. I go in butt naked and sit on towels. I constantly wipe my body of sweat with a towel while I’m in the sauna. Because sweat means toxins are coming out, you don’t want to reabsorb them, so wipe them off. Immediately after the sauna, I will shower off. This helps the detoxification even further. And after that, take a shower. Some spas have showers there, some don’t. If not, go home and shower. Don’t forget to keep drinking water! If you dehydrate yourself, you will feel more crappy. Some people feel really great after getting out of the sauna, I did not at first. My head would feel more full and heavy with pressure. This is normal. The more you use it, the less you will feel that way. For extra credit, after my sauna, I hop in the bath for 20 mins with epsom salt. I get a large pack of epsom salt at Costco. I drink water in the bath and I just relax with a meditation (turn off your phone and electronics).  If you don’t sweat in the sauna, don’t worry! It doesn’t mean it’s not working. In the beginning, I used to never sweat because I was loaded with toxins. I REALLY sweat in the bath tub. You probably will too. After the sauna and bath, I shower with a little bit of colder water just to feel good. Which leads me to my next point.

FIVE: Chemicals. Get rid of everything chemical that you own. Shampoos, conditioners, air fresheners in your home or car, cleaning products, candles, fragrances, laundry detergents, soaps, dish soap, facial cleansers, lotions and potions, and makeup. Find ALL natural solutions to these. About 2 weeks ago I came across a blog from a mom who suffered from mold illness. She had a link: http://microbalancehealthproducts.com/ I went to this link and ordered some of these amazing household items. Here is what I ordered:

  1. EC3 Mold Purification Candles: I bought the 3 pack and put them around the house. I went a little mayhem and bout 9 candles total.
  2. EC3 Mold Solution Spray: I use this for cleaning all surfaces. I also use thieves mixed with water because I like the smell.
  3. EC3 Laundry Additive: I use this to wash my clothes. I use this in combination with Borax, purchased on Amazon. I bought the laundry additive and the mold solution spray as a bundle on the site for a cheaper price.
  4. Nasopure Nasal Wash System with Citri Drops: Some of you probably have Marcons. This may help you. I did not use any of the sprays from my Shoemaker doctor. In fact, I didn’t do anything my Shoemaker doctor asked of me.

NOTE: I do not make any money from you buying these. I just found that they helped me, and may help you too. If you sign up for emails with them, in about 20 minutes they should send you a code for 10% off. Don’t forget to check your makeup, suncreens, shampoos, etc. I bought mine from health food stores and made sure all items have no soy, no parabens, no pthalates, no fragrances, no crap. If you want to know which ones I bought, send me a message on my Contact form. Am I a fan of them? Not really. I miss my yummy smelling shampoo and conditioner, but hey, adding toxins onto your scalp isn’t such a good idea. One more thing, change your toothpaste! Do not use fluoride! Do not use mouth washes like Listerine that have alcohol in them. Which leads me to my next point.

SIX: Do not drink alcohol. No wine, no beer, no vodka, no rum, no gin, no alcohol in your tinctures, no alcohol. ZERO. Give it up. Throw it away. Give it away to a friend. Toss it. Pour it out. Use it to burn your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s love letters. Alcohol will add more toxins to your brain. Just don’t do that to yourself!

Enema Kit that I use to help detoxify my body of unwanted toxinsSEVEN: LIVER FLUSHES. Can I just take a minute to praise coffee enemas? I never thought I’d say that. But holy crap (literally), these have helped a lot. When you’re detoxing, your liver is working itself to death. Help it out, give it some love. I do coffee enemas every 3 days. If you want directions to the liver flush let me know. I have every step to it. Is it fun? Not really. BUT I feel amazing after. If you don’t help your liver, you will not detox! You can’t detox without your liver’s help. I can’t stress this enough. Help your liver, so your liver can help YOU! To get started, here’s two items you will need. I ordered them on Amazon and once again I don’t make money from you buying these, but your liver will thank you.

  1. Here is the enema bag that I use: Enema Bag
  2. Here is the coffee that I order: Coffee

Why did I choose these? I spoke with a doctor on the phone who did a free consult with me. I unfortunately could not afford him but he was so nice that he sent me how to do liver flushes and with what products. It’s important to use these or read another article to find one you want. The reason I went with these is because I knew the bag was safe, and the coffee was organic, used for detoxing, and didn’t have mold. Some coffees have mold. Let’s not shove more mold up out butts. Yay!

EIGHT: I do laundry weekly. Anytime I am out and about and wearing clothes (duh), I come back home, take those clothes off, and put them in the wash. I don’t need to take all the outside chemicals and toxins and bring them in my home. Take your shoes off too! I also wash all my sheets and linens every single week with Borax or that mixture I mentioned above. If you want to Borax, pour borax powder in hot water and stir it. Put laundry in the wash, wait until the water fills up and then add in the borax that you just made. Borax can be purchased on Amazon below. Keep cleaning your sheets! Borax

NINE: Glutathione! Glutathione is a master antioxidant and was highly recommended in nearly every article I read, and every single book. I use this via nebulizer every 3 days. I get my glutathione in a syringe from my naturopath. It is not liposomal or aceytl, it is just simple glutathione. I started with 200mg, and after a few weeks went to 300mg. Glutathione sometimes makes people feel great right after, but for me it makes me feel crappy. I take the glutathione via nebulizer at night so I can sleep it off. 

NOTE: If I take glutathione at night, I do not take activated charcoal in the middle of the day at lunch time. Instead, I do the glutathione, wait 2 hours, and then take the charcoal, and then go to bed. Below is a nebulizer I’d recommend. Glutathione is kinda sticky like syrup so make sure you clean the nebulizer in warm water after each use right away. You can buy any nebulizer you want. This is just the one I recommend

Nebulizer Link

EMF readings for household items

Photo credit: http://www.pacificorp.com/tran/tp/EMF.html

TEN: EMF Exposure: This is huge. I stay away from EMF as much as I can (WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, computers, laptops, bluetooth, microwaves, hair dryers, etc). I never talk with the phone to my head and always use headphones that plug in, not bluetooth. I don’t live near cell towers or wires. I sleep with my phone on airplane mode and wifi turned off. I turn off the house WiFi at night. I hardline my desktop computer so it’s not using WiFi while I use it. I use my laptop only if I need to but I make sure it’s not resting on my lap. I never put my cell phone in my pocket, sports bra, anywhere near my body. EMF is toxic so we don’t want to add more toxins! You can probably read more about it online. There is some sort of sticker you can put on your phone to reduce EMF exposure but I’ve also heard that they’re hocus pocus so I have not invested in one. If I find a good one, I’m sure I’ll write a blog post about it. Instead I just keep my phone at a distance from my body. Also, stay away from your microwave. If you don’t have to use it, great leave it alone to look pretty in your kitchen. If you have to use it, turn it on, and walk out of the kitchen. In addition, do not heat any food in plastic. No plastic! Get glass containers. I get mine in a pack from Costco. Glass, glass, glass. No plastic, no plastic, no plastic! Great, next point.

Essential foods as part of my dietELEVEN: Juicing! I juice vegetables and fruits on the days that I do a liver flush (every 3 days) I usually do kale, celery, spinach, half a lemon, ginger, one green apple (not red), cucumbers (all organic). I don’t blend them, I juice them. This will help you on the days you do the liver flush. It is highly recommended! If you can juice more, go for it! If you want the same juicer as me, message me on the Contact page and I will tell you which one I use.

TWELVE: Grounding: This sounded absolutely nuts to me when I first heard about it. It sounds crazy but it’s super helpful to rid EMF exposures throughout the day. I walk on the sand barefoot for 15-20 mins or as long as I can. If you don’t have sand near you, then walk on the ground (dirt, grass) barefoot. You can read into the benefits of this more online, but this really helps. Unfortunately, I can’t do it everyday, but I try for every 3 days if I can make it down to the beach.

THIRTEEN: I don’t eat any dairy, gluten, soy, sugar (unless from fruit), beans, peas, lentils, seeds, or high glycemic foods. I only eat organic. I know most people think organic may be BS or la-tee-da! But, if organic is even the slightest bit less toxic than regular fruits and vegetable, then COUNT ME IN! If you’re going to eat fruits, eat dark berries as they are high in antioxidant. Stay away from all melons, peaches, oranges, tangerines, strawberries (the most pesticides), and anything else that is higher in sugar than berries. You can google fruits and foods that are high glycemic and try to stay away from them.

FOURTEEN: Clean WATER: Do not drink out of plastic bottles ever. Don’t pour water out of a plastic bottle into a glass bottle and think that’s okay. The plastic bottle leaks toxins into the water. We are trying to eliminate toxins right? So, don’t drink them! I personally have a Kangen machine that I bought used off of Ebay. You do not need a Kangen machine. In fact, I don’t recommend you spend your money on one as everything else is more necessary and already expensive. You may be able to find a neighbor or someone in your area or a business who allows you to fill up water with their Kangen machine. Use them as a resource! But, really my point here is to just drink alkaline, filtered water. No tap water, no unfiltered water! Just clean, clean water and lots of it. I drink around 80oz per day of water. I hated water in the beginning, but I suck it up and do it because the more you pee, the more toxins you flush. Hooray!

FIFTEEN: I personally get a B12 shot once a week. I have come to learn the mold patients have low B12 levels. This will help you feel good. It did not make me feel as good as others, but it will help anyways. I have learned that if you are not getting the B12 made with methylcobalamin, that the others are basically pointless. I get mine done with a naturopath. Just ask if it’s the methyl version if you go somewhere to get a shot.

SIXTEEN: Sleep! 8 hours minimum. I turn off/lower the lights in my house around 8pm. I don’t use any electronics at night including TV or phone. This allows for your brain to quiet down before bed and get more restful sleep. I’ll usually read a book or print out an article to read rather than reading it online. And then I’ll fall asleep to meditation. You will see in my supplements below, one of the items I take to help me sleep through the night as well as fall asleep quicker.

Molekule air purifier to help reduce pollutants in the air

Molekule Air Purifier

SEVENTEEN: Fresh air. AHHHH! Yes air! I walk outside as much as I can (barefoot) and just get fresh air. It helps with the weird feelings in my head. Especially when it would start burning. I know not everyone has the burning brain feeling, but I definitely did and this really helped. If you’re driving, drive with the windows down, rather than the air conditioner on. I would check the filters in your car and change them every 3-6 months. I noticed when someone’s air condition was on, I would start getting air hunger, short of breath, dizzy. Check your car the way you would check your home. I also recommend getting your air filters cleaned out and changed frequently! I know, it’s annoying, but bad air won’t help you.

EIGHTEEN: An air purifier. I personally chose Molekule. I was also looking at iQ Air but really liked the features of the Molekule a bit more. I actually purchased 2 of them because they’re good for 600 sq.ft. They are not cheap! I know this! But, like I said before, you need as clean of air as you can get. I run mine in my home 24/7. I also change the locations of them every single day. One day it will be in the bathroom, one day in the living room, I’ll even put it on the counters and raise it up higher, I’ll put it higher on a dining room table. Move it up, move it down, move it all around. Constantly moving it helps clean the air everywhere. It will notify you when the filters need to be changed. Molekule even has a  0% APR 12 month payment plan (WORTH IT!).

NOTE: I do not work for Molekule and I am in no way affiliated. When you buy your Molekule you will notice that you will also be given a code to give to your friends and family. Molekule also gives you a gift card for anyone who buys one for use on Amazon. I simply just want you to understand how important it is to have clean air in your home. If you have any questions, contact me on my blog and I will help you. I’m doing my best here!


WHAT SUPPLEMENTS DO I TAKE? Here it is, in all its glory.

Morning (on an empty stomach):

  1. Curcumin Extreme (1 pill): MUST be on empty stomach or it won’t work at all. Use this for inflammation) Your body is inflamed.
  2. Vitamin D3 with K2 (1 pill, 10,000IU): Please check your Vitamin D levels before taking this much Vitamin D. I was originally at 25, standard range was I believe 33-100. I brought mine up to 76 in 6 weeks. Below is the one that I take. Now that I am at a 76 level, I only take 5,000 IU from this same company.
  3. Milk Thistle (I buy this from Sprouts, ALCOHOL FREE): It’s a tincture and you just put 30 drops in with a little bit of water. Make sure you get one that is alcohol free! You know the drill.
  4. Isotonix Activated B-Complex: I take this for my full vitamin B’s but I still do my B12 shot because this does not have enough B12. (1 capful with water). It comes with a cap and a little thing to put water into. Stir it up and drink.
  5. High dose fish oil: I take the one from Dr. Neil Hershenbein. It has EPA 1,410mg. DHA 990mg. Omega-3 Fatty Acids 2,800mg. Find one that matches, or find another Shoemaker doctor. This is the only item I ever bought from a Shoemaker doctor.
    • If you can’t find this, CONTACT ME and I can help find it for you!
  6. Magnesium Complex Liquid (1 tbsp): This stuff really makes you poop. Sometimes you will poop liquid. If that happens, just take a little less than 1 tbsp. Magnesium is incredibly important for you. It helps with a lot more than just flushing you out!
  7. Bioplasma – Twelve Cell Salts (I take this for anxiety and nerves): I actually take it throughout the day 4x a day. Helps calm my nerves. 4 pellets under the tongue and let it dissolve. This is not necessary for everyone, it just helped me. My anxiety was off the fricken charts.
  8. NutriClean Probiotics (1 pill per day): This is the one I currently take, however it’s good to change probiotics every time you finish one of the products. Different probiotics have different strains. I will take probiotics everyday for life. They are absolutely necessary to help provide natural flora for the gut)

Morning (30 minutes before food)

  1. Pecta Sol-C (This is expensive. I take 1 scoop in 4-8oz water before eating breakfast and after taking all supplements): This product has been HUGE in helping to supplement the detox process. It’s been a game changer for me. It helps with methylation. I happen to carry two stands of the MTHFR gene making it more difficult to methylate. This was really an amazing product for me. I hate the taste, but I suck it up.

Lunch Time

  1. Activated charcoal (taken 2 hours away from all food and supplements): I will usually eat food at lunch and then wait 2 hours, take the charcoal, wait 2 hours and then eat again if you’re hungry. If you take charcoal with other supplements, you just wasted your supplements. Charcoal will bind to your supplements. I don’t recommend taking this for longer than 4 weeks. After 4 weeks I switched to bentonite clay for 2 weeks and then I will go back to charcoal. The reason being, charcoal can sometimes bind the good stuff, but it’s good to use in the beginning in my opinion. The bentonite clay I get is from Sprouts but I am sure you can get it at any whole foods store or online. Its by Yerba Prima Great Plains and it is a milky substance. It’s disgusting (heads up). If you haven’t taken charcoal before, your poop may be black. Don’t be scared, it’s normal. Charcoal will be used to bind your toxins so you can flush them out. It is absolutely necessary to take a binder with mold illness. I did not take Cholestyramine. Too many people with bad stomach issues. I was not okay with that. This is natural. This helped me. This could help YOU!

Night Time (before food)

  1. LDN (Low dose Naltrexone): I was prescribed this by my naturopath. If you read about it online it will say its used for people who are trying to stop taking drugs and alcohol. BUT, this is actually super helpful for people with mold toxins. It’s an immune modulator and helps with inflammation. My dosage is the lowest available. I take one pill per day at night before eating.
  2. Milk Thistle (again): Take this again. Help your liver and your liver will give you love and push the haters away (mold toxins).
  3. CoQ10 (1 pill): This has good antioxidant properties, helps the cell membranes. Our mitochondria gets damaged with mold toxicity. With damaged mitochondria, we don’t have energy. This is probably why I don’t feel tired anymore AT ALL. I highly recommend this. It was in many books and articles that I read and I swear by it.
  4. SPM Active (4 pills): I take this for inflammation and stress on the body. These are pricey. But we are so inflamed, we have to do everything we can to calm the inflammation. I will eat and drink and supplement myself with anything to help with inflammation.
  5. Fish oil (again): Gross, I know, but just take it again.
  6. Magnesium Complex Liquid (again): If you take this at night and you start having weird dreams, just take 1 teaspoon at night instead of 1 tablespoon. I got really vivid dreams. If you like vivid dreams, then take that full tablespoon like you do in the morning 🙂
  7. Bioplasma Cell Salts (again)

Night Time (30 minutes before food)

  1. Pecta Sol-C (again) before eating

Night Time (Before Bed)

  1. Kavinace Ultra PM (1 pill): Helps me sleep throughout the night. I take it an hour before I want to go to bed so that I feel exhausted. It really helps to keep me asleep. I used to wake up constantly. Not so much anymore. It will take time to work. Don’t give up on it.

THAT’S ALL! I honestly am alive by some miracle. I know you feel like dying. I felt that too. I felt it for awhile. In fact, I thought I knew it for certain! I had 12 straight days of the Herxheimer Reaction without knowing what the heck that was. It was brutal. It was the worst thing I could imagine. You may feel worse before feeling better. This is normal. In fact, it’s a good thing! It mean’s you’re detoxing. But look at me now! I am 85% better than I was in less than 6 weeks! I heard it took many months to years to get better and thought, no way in hell am I going to feel THIS crappy, for THAT long. I was worried about families who deal with this, everything people lose, and my heart broke. I knew I needed to take care of myself and then give that feedback to others the best that I could. I hope this helps you. I hope this encourages you. I hope you know you’re not alone. I hope you give this the 200% it needs to work. YOU GOT THIS AND I AM ROOTING FOR YOU!