ToxSick Protocol
ToxSick Protocol Guide for help with conquering Neurotoxic Illness, Lyme Disease, and Exposure to Mold
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Anti-Inflammatory Snacks & Smoothies

Many of you asked for some new recipes! I figured I’d add the three S’s. Snacks, Sauces, and Smoothies! These snacks are quick and easy.…

Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

Our brains are on fire. Let’s not fuel the fire by eating inflammatory foods! If you want a list of the foods that I have…

Necessary Blood Tests

There are many tests that should be done to test for mold illness/CIRS. Unfortunately, these tests cannot be done with a regular MD, because they…

My ToxSick Protocol

I’m Leandra. And as you saw on Facebook, mold hit me hard and fast (Neurotoxic Illness). It socked me in the face (but mostly my…

Coffee Enemas Are Your Friends

Everyone ready to poop out some toxins? LET’S GET EXCITED. Cheers to three weeks of pooping! Prep Yourself

The Diet That Saved Me

I call it the low inflammation diet, because let’s be honest, our brains are on FIRE. Yes, mine literally burns. My hair falls out, it’s…